Tips to be Freelance Testing Jobs

What is Freelance Testing Jobs?

A tester is a position in a company or certain industry that highly demanded to test their products. Quality assurance is a process that not allowed to be neglected. If you have a products, you need a tester to find the product’s bugs, flaw, or lacks before you reselled it to the market.

For a company which produce certain products including mobile apps, site, physical products, software and others. It is importat to assured that their final product have no lack. Quality will impact branding, which lead into sales. If your customer found a trouble in your product, even one, it will spread like a wildfire. Therefore company prevent this matter by hiring product’s tester.

This position usually set to be a permanent position. But now, people are eager to work at home or working in relatively  flexible time. They begin to works as freelance. In other way, company expenses also will be cut a bit by hiring freelance. Why? Since product tester doesn’t have to work 24/7.

To accomodate of this needs, there is a jobs as freelance testing jobs. Basically, they work such as other tester, but they tend to work without commited into one single company.

For example of this kind of jobs in the game industry. As you see recently, you can find a lot of developer who work on a new games. Almost everyday you can find a new game available in the apps store and sorth. A game needs to test by tester or products tester several time before being released. It is needed to reduce the possibility of bugs or game crash. If you’re game is easily being crashed or stop playing in the middle of the game, player will start to be bored. A game should be run smoothly, in order to maintain their player, and increase their sponsor.

The same goes along with application or software. People buy software or apps and wish that those apps or software will run smoothly. Just like us, right? We do not want to spend our money for spoiled products right?

How to join Freelance Testing Jobs?

Now, how to join freelance testing jobs? Well, almost every company have this position. And you can apply to be a freelancer here. You either find it through the company site or, the easiest way is by using freelancer platform.

You can find a lot of freelancer platform nowadays, including, guru, fivver, upwork, people per hour, workana, or local site like in Indonesia,, and so many more.

You need at least portfolio, explained about your ability or skills. And it is better to mentioned about your previous projects. As freelancer experience or past project is needed to convince your clients.

Remember that freelance testing jobs may seems like an easy jobs, but in reality in needs a lot. You need to be skillfull related to the products. You also needs to be able to create report, strong analytical ability, detail oriented and able to work in long time. As a tester you may needs to try those products again and again. Like almost dozens or even hundreds of times. So you’d better to prepare yourselves.


Well, freelancer jobs do have enough benefits for you to consider this position over a permanent jobs.

To be honest, who does not want to manage their own working time? To obtain this privilege you need at least to be an owner or become a freelancer. If you work permanently in a company, trust me, time is related to your client and the company rule. It is hard to decide wether you want to work or take a day off. But as freelancer, if you want to take a day off, it’s your own consideration.

Bigger salary and better appreciation. Working on your own means you can manage your projects or jobs. If you want to get a better income, that you can set a higher price or working in a great projects. You can shortened it, and match it with your ability. Working as freelancer also give you better appreciation since you work with people who demmand your helps. People give you appreciation since you have the skills and abilities.

Aside from that, a freelancer can also choose their contract or payment setting. Either you are paid hourly, weekly, by milestone, or project based, you can decide your own payment.

Freelance is a nice option for people who wants to balance their life with works. It is a better opportunity for people who seeks for knowledge and new opportunities.

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