5 Ways to be a Successfull Freelance Senior Project Manager!

What is Project Manager ?

A project manager is person in charge for project managements. Their key role including planning, managing procurement, and execute the project. It can be said that, a project manager is a man responsible for the project from the start of the project until it reach it’s end.

There are various industry that need the role of project manager. We can say that most of the industry need this role, in order to maintain their bussiness project run smoothly. Since the role of project manager is very important, of course it will give you with a lot of benefits compare to other jobs. But to be precise the job role and critical responsibilities of project manager may vary according to the industry, company size, company culture, and even the company maturity.

The Role of Project Manager

Now aside from the differentiation of each industry, a project manager has similar key tasks that needs to be done. If you would like to be a successfull project manager, you need to know at least the following jobs roles, such as :

  • Managing the company resource in order to complete the project and achieve the company’s goals.
  • Manage and develop the project plans according to the company needs so that it won’t waste their resource.
  • Assessing the potential risks that might occur during the project. This will help the project teams and member to avoid them from potential risks that may lead the project into failure.
  • Manage the budget to meet the goals of the project and avoid company for wasting their money. Isn’t it obvious that most of the company execute their project to gain profit and importantly do not want to experience loss.
  • Managing the schedule is another important role of being project manager. It is very important for each project in any industry to be on time according with the schedule which have been determined before. If the project is finished before the expected time, it may did not give much problem, even it will be a lot of advantage.
  • Need to deals with the stakeholder. Yes, definitely this is a critical role of project manager that quite different. Since the ability to persuade and maintain good relationship with stakeholder is rather difficult.
  • Needs to deal with any potential conflict during the project and managing delivery system.
  • Some might say, that project manager is capable of doing anything, everything, they need to be multitasking. They need to handle and see the project from a wide view or bankwide, unlike other part of their teams.

A Successfull Freelance Senior Project Manager

Now, do you know that recently the position of project manager can be replaced by freelancer? It is obvious that this position can not be handle by any people. Their jobs are difficults, therefore needs certain people to deal with this position. While not all the company have much resource to handle this position. And the project itself is none of daily jobs that exist everyday.

Sometime the project only exist either for month or a year, it is rarely for a project to be done multiyears unless for certain industry such as construction and so forth. Therefore a freelancer of project manager is highly needed, the position is very suitable for temporary employees.

A position along with the time and the support of technology needs to adapt in this modern era. To be a successfull freelance project manager especially a senior one, you need to prepare yourself better. Freelance is a possibility that exist because the support of technology and development of information system.

  1. Make a great and understandable portfolio if you want to become freelance senior project manager. Include any project that have been done by you, and give signature point of what breakthrough you did.
  2. Prepare your social media to support your role as senior project manager. You can use linkedin for example, it will help to market your skill and ability.
  3. Join into freelance web portal to find the most suitable project for you. Remember that you need to screen on the jobs and project, just take one that you clearly able to work on it.
  4. Analyst properly wether the salary or price of the project is equal with the efforts you need to give.
  5. Plan and schedul every project that you need to handle, you can use several application such as trello, evernote, asana, jira and others.
  6. Always plan and manage your project’s priority. Do not rush on finish your project, and do everything without make a priority list.
  7. Remember that customer or client and you have a relationship that needs to maintain. Giving an exellence services, applying high quality result, and manage the budge appropriately will guarantee a bigger chance for your customer or client to come again.

All necessary things done in your projects will count as an investment for you in the future. So do not regret of giving enough detail and keep the good result if you join some project through freelance jobs.

Every great result must needs a hard work and a lot of effort, isn’t it?

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