How to Get into Freelance Telecommunication Jobs


Well, currently almost all people strictly related and connected through telecommunications. The possibility of people separated by distance became closer, talking each other, know the newest information from across the world is thanks to the existence of telecommunications.

Telecommunnications is ways that make it possible for people to make exchange or transmission of signs, signal, words, writings, images and sounds. While the facilities and infrastructures used to perform telecommunications including radio, wire, optical, and other electromagnetics system. Those with the interference of technology nowadays has develop into the core needs of mankind.

From a traditional way into modern way, telecommunications has develop rapidly during this century. Radio and television and now develop into applications, web (computer networks and internet), along with wireless telecommunications and digital telecommunications made it possible for people to communicate from far apart.

This also make it possible of several options for people to work along with others from far apart using social media, internet, or applications. They can discuss several matters even they are not meeting in person, face to face. Therefore it is not surprising that the jobs related telecommunications also grow rapidly. It also offer job seeker an options to join in freelance telecommunication jobs. A slightly different career path that is increasingly in demand by young people.

Freelance Telecommunication Jobs

Have you ever wondering on how all the company did or manage their communications network? Did they really must have an engineering included in their organization? How to overcome a rapid grow of business size that lead your employee to work outside their expertise?

The possibility of hiring a freelancer is becoming wider now. The needs and the supply of freelance jobs increasing along with the possibility that mentioned before. It is possible for a company to grow their business size and need certain position but they are not able to form an entirely new team. Especially if it related to the establishment of network and telecommunications.

Imagine if a group of accountant or sales have to handle telecommunication jobs? It may be possible, but do they the jobs done by them will be effective? Of course not, they are not the expert related to that, it is not surprising that the result of their job is not satisfactory.

Telecommunications is a specific job that must be done by the experts. Not all people have sufficient knowledge to handle the jobs. Some might able to establish network or internet network connections, but if it related to field, data center, project, security telecommunication jobs, it will be hard to catch.

How to Become a Succesfull Freelance Telecommunication Jobs?

Before deciding to be freelancer in telecommunications jobs, one needs to understand the scope for becoming one of it. The telecom engineer job description encompasses the following jobs :

  • Design, install, & troubleshoot the telecommunication system.
  • Configuring the network to ensure smooth transmission of data.
  • Oversee a new and existing telecom tools including hardware and software upgrades.
  • Evaluate technical issues related to computer, server, network, voice, and resolve it as soon as possible.
  • Work with a complex network and switching systems

After knowing the roles or job description, you should step into the next stage which are :

  1. Make sure you have the necessary skills and facilities. The facility will help you to monitor your jobs, projects, or clients.
  2. Make sure to be part or joined in freelance website. For telcom freelancer you can join a, upwork,, and many more.
  3. You have to compare, analyze, and later established your rate according to the market. There are so many people like you, who became a freelancer, and offer various skills. You need to compare your value toward other and set the price so that it will be adequate.
  4. For an entry level job, you can start with network deployment, programming, or cloud engineering.
  5. Have a deep research of your client or potential client, knew the jobs detail offered to you. It is better to ask more to the client rather than you found a difficulty after you accept the jobs.
  6. You can choose a project based job which is a lot in those freelance portal.
  7. Give enough information on you portfolio including educational background and past projects or jobs you have been done.
  8. Link your social media account like to those portal or even try to establish blog that help your customer or client to reach you, even without the platform.

Of course starting a job as freelancer is never been easy at first. You need to make a great portfolio first, and convinced your customer that works with you will give them benefits. You need to remember also that your position as freelancer is as important as other employee, even you might not working in their core bussines. So you have a strong disciplined, integrity, and responsibility.

Good luck and try another way to reach your career path reader!

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