3 Things About Freelance Veterinary Jobs

What is Veterinarian?

Veterinarian or often simplified by Vet, is a jobs related to animals. A vet should be able to treat diseases, disorders, on injuries occured in animals. A vet range of jobs including treating animal’s deseases and injuries, performing diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare.

Unlike a doctor, vet working along with animals, which cannot vocalize their sympthoms, so a vet should rely on their clinical signs. If the owner could give a medical history of their pets, it will be a great help for a vet to help and cure them.

Veterinary jobs nowadays has been helped by the existence of technology. The information and observation along with the help of diagnostic test such as radiography, CT scans, MRI, blood tests, and others help them to give an accurate treatment.

Vet usually work in private practice treating animals. But in fact, veterinarian works with various of ways. Some vet works in clinic or veterinary hospitals or even in both of them. Other vet might travel a lot to see their patient including in zoo or farms.

And some of vet also works in charity, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, or animal food companies and etc.  Some country also have an institution or ministry which needs a vet employee. There are so many roles that vet can be fitted to.

Freelance Veterinary Jobs

Career as freelancer has been developed into a new track recently. People became more open and willing to join this career since freelance career offer a tempting benefits. Despite of making us able to work remotely, career as freelancer offered flexibility and a chance to grow your potency.

A career as freelancer veterinary might a bit new. Some people might thing that is it possible for veterinarian to work freelance? But yes,  indeed a vet could also pick up a job as freelancer. There are so much opportunity out there that help vet develop their career in freelance area.

The job not only about dealing with patient directly, but you can either be researcher, content writer, or consultants. You can deal with multiple jobs and projects depend on your preference. This will help you manage your own time. Now, let us see the details of those jobs available for vet :

1.Veterinary Writer

Web and blog usually needs content writer to keep the web and blog updated. Some web or blog page have their own topic, it included veterinary subject. People nowadays, would love to search everything trough internet. Any specific information will be found easily in internet or social media.

Therefore a career as content writer might be a great choice for veterinarian. Though it may needs a special skill to write, but isn’t it fun to share information with others, while you get paid for that? And remember this option give you bunch of works and projects. Since veterinary writer could range their subject from writing articles on pets, pet health, veterinary industry, and tips or tricks for pet lover.

2. Researcher

Aside from that you might be able to work freelance as researcher. There are so many companies that needs your skills and ability. Of course you need to be a professional first and have enough experience to try this option.

You might be able to work along with companies that provide equipment or tools, food, and pharmaceutical for animals. Here you will deal with a lot of data and research activities including doing market research and conducting survey. As researcher you may need to do partial remote jobs, and will have one or two time to meet your clients.

3. Veterinary Consultant

Now, it is possible for vet to conduct consulting session via online. You will be able to reach your customer or client wherever and whenever they want. Some might found a partial remote job as small animal internal medicine consultant that available in freelance career site.

Some consultation will be conducting with live phone or using email. Other jobs might related to lab result interpretation, treatment options and diagnostic testing. It will require you to travel sometime in oder to meet you client or customer.

Freelance Veterinary Starter Pack

What you need to do before starting your career as freelance veterinary is that you need to prepare various things.

  • You have to set up a platform that you need to use for marketing your services. It can be your own platform like social media or you can either join other existing platform.
  • You need an internet service and laptop or any tools necessary to support your career.
  • Portfolio or any educational background to boost up your resume.

Those three are the most basic things you need to prepare, if you want to fully join into freelance career. And that’s all about freelance veterinary jobs for you, go get your chance and try to be a freelancer guys!

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