Freelance Travel Jobs, How to Get One?

Travel Jobs

Freelance travel jobs? Have you heard one of this kind of career options before? Or do you interested in this career position but hesitate to join, and do not know how to join into freelance travel jobs.

Travelling has been a part of lifestyle nowadays. As the social media growing rapidly through time, people begin to travel a lot. Wether it’s only for satisfaction, needs, jobs, business matter or for content in instagram or youtube channel. There are so many reasons of why people want to travel.

Even now, there are apps and sofware available for you to order or booking for transportation a lot easier than before. But, what if, you do not know anything about your destination? What would you do if you want to plant on trips but you do not know where, when, and how to manage it?

If you do like to travel a lot, now you can also find an interesting job or career options as freelance travel jobs. What will you do as freelance travel jobs? To answer the question before, on how people who wants to plan their trip in unfamiliar destination, is the jobs of freelancer.

The career range from travel planner, online travel agent, and of course writing or vlogger. Recently the last one has been a dream job for many your people. The tent to be travel blogger or vlogger in order to fulfill their dream and still earn a bucket of money.

Travel jobs still give a lot of opportunities even for a new player. You can choose which way is suit to your style and passion. Both of those position will give you enough payment for living. Remember that, travel jobs offer freelance position, a thing that became precious right now. If you able to manage your career in there, you might achieve a great work life balance.

Working Freelance

Some people usually hesitate of starting to work freelance. The reason might be unstable income. But working freelance offer a lot more benefits, than only salary.

Remember that if you work on your own, you can choose what kind of project or jobs you want to be involved with. It means, works as freelancer make you able to increase your knowledge and expertise.

The salary at first might be hard to compete with working at a company. But after you success in developing your skills and portfolio, you will be paid nicely, even above the standard.

Let us see about the average payment of becoming freelance travel jobs here. Hourly travel planner are paid for about $20/hour. While content writer can be paid arround $10-15/hour.

That’s the common job for freelancer, but how about travel blogger and vlogger. How much they will be paid? The answer is huge according to their viewer. If you have a great content, people will start to view your social media, like it, followed it, and later subscribe it. And the result is there are certain people who want to place and ads, or sponsor in your social media and so forth. It’s not only for living, but you can buy a lot of stuff with that.

How to Start?

Starting freelance travel jobs might be an easy one at first. But, what make it hard is, you need to build your client trust, creating portofolio, and convinced them that you are a professional.

As travel planner for example, you need to meet you client wants and needs. Remember about do or don’t with related to the travel plans and many more. You need to build relationship either with hotel or tour guide if you want to manage your clients travel trips smoothly.

And what about travel blogger or vlogger? Well, if inviting or make people want to see your content is that easy, people might leave their current jobs and join this freelance things. It is hard indeed, it’s like marketing and branding your own channel. You need to make them attractive and people interested on them.

You need to plan your content, and to make a travel team. A great shoot, and nice spot might invite viewer and follower. You must considered your viewer classification in order to match with  your content in social media.

Freelance is a new option that come along with the development of technology. Try and join this career if you want to taste a new experience, and better opportunity.

Hopefully, that the information above is more than enough to give you guidance to join freelance travel jobs. Opportunity came with believe, there is no path that is to hard to handle.

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