Freelance Psychology, A New Way to Form Your Career!

Freelance Psychology

Have you seen the news recently? Have you heard the impact of mental illness nowadays? And how it can affect people from various range of age. From child to adult and even oldster.

Well, maybe certain movie in the cinema, will also give you an overview of how mental illness could affect someone else lives. Rather than that, it may affect their social life either with family, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, colleagues, and other.

The role of psychology indeed become more important now. As the jobs develop into more complex along with the increase in needs, people begin to start a freelance psychology jobs. The freelance jobs have reach it peak from time to time. Since the ability of doing flexible jobs and keep a good career path in track, make it more tempting for young generation.

So, how a freelance psychology works? What are the opportunities offer to them? Is it a good choice to develop your career path?

The freelance psychology job scope can be range from writing, research, online counselling, online therapist, or online coach. The possibility of jobs available is very wide indeed. For example, if you choose an online therapis job, you might be able to develop your career and creating a web of online counselling. There are several of this kind of web, that help people to deal with their mental illness.

Sometime those people doen’t have enough time and help from the right person due to lack of time or even money. They make those sites or web to provide counselling services that accessible, affordable and of course convenient.

Online Therapy

Online therapy is short of new way for people to cure their mental illness. It is a digital-age version of counselling service provide by expert or professional. As mentioned before this is a rather convenient, affordable, and discrete method to receive therapy.

There are million of people now troubling with their mental health. They almost have no access to profesional with enough education to help them with their issues. Since recently more and more pyshical services has been replaced by digital alternatives, the same goes to counselling.

The ability to connect certified professional psychologist, with their client in short of time and without meet in face to face is lies in online therapy. It make people able to reach their therapyst from home or office or even anywher and almost anytime.

There are several things that makes this businesses grow bigger. Along with the needs of theraphy and counselling, the benefits of establishing online therapy is vary :

  • It is more efficient than an old ways of face to face meeting between the patient and the psychologist. You can afford services almost 24/7 or say at as services-on-the-go.
  • Various communication channel, since online therapy can be accesed with aps or other social media. It make you online counselling session become much more effective that way.
  • Online therapy including services provide by freelance psychologist can reduce the stigma occured in our society. Some people still reluctant on making appointments because the stigma relies in society. Those stigma argue that people who visit psychologist are equal to insane, made, or crazy. And lead an opinion that it is taboo to visit psychologist. Especially for people in Indonesia, it is very rare to saw people willingly to come in therapy session, unless the cases became hard/worse.
  • There are no boundaries, you can try to find a help for any professionals out there. It does not limited by area or city. You can find helps from everywhere as long as there is no language barrier.
  • The privacy itself is priceless, with online therapy or counselling you can afford those privilege with a cheaper price. Every information will be confidental, your identity can be maintained well. Since you can sign up or register without mentioning your real name or by using an alias.

How to be Freelance Psychology?

If you would like to join into freelance world, you need at least find enough information on how to get there.

A freelance pychology have an equal responsibilities toward their clients. In order to find a client for start, you can join freelance websites. From freelancer, upwork, guru, fivver, or e-counselling start up like better help, reGain, teen counselling, talk space, breaktrough and so forth. They have been provide freelancer, with tremendous projects or jobs.

Before joining into the freelance jobs, you need to build CV as well as portfolio. Everything that related to your educational background and experience should be mentioned in it. Give a special highlight in your vission of your client.

As a freelance Psychologist you are able to take as much patient as possible. But remember that, maybe it won’t give a good result in the end. It is better for you to maintain certain client, give them a proper therapy, help them with their problem until they can manage it by themselves.

Unlike other psychologist who join a firm or big company, you need to confirm your ability. If it is possible take as much course as possible, attend seminar, increase you knowledge, and achieve certificate. It will help to boost your credibility.

And last, you need to follow your passion. As freelance psychologist, at start you might do not receive a big sum of money. But instead you are able to help more people in need who deal with mental illness.

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