A Career as Freelance Legal Secretary, Why Not?

About legal secretary

A position of legal secretary is quite common jobs. Even though secretarial job description quite same from one industry to another industry, but legal secretary have a little specifics ability and skill. You need at least knew well enough about law field before deciding to join legal secreaty jobs.

To be honest, your job description will including writing and reading about legal documents, manage it,  doing some research according to those legal documents and it’s compliance, and of course you need to do other common secretarial jobs. This including answering calls, emails, message, creating schedule, and other administrative jobs).

A legal secretary is an important position, since their jobs mainly is to assist lawyers. They might equal with paralegal. Since they needs to understand well enough about filling the legal documents such as appeals and motions.

Since those jobs is particularly crucial, not all people are qualified to be legal secretary. This jobs is specifically available for those who truly understand about law, or at least have an experience in law firm or in-house legal department.

Usually there is no specific education requirement to be legal secretary. But, as mentioned before a legal secretary must be familiar with legal procedures. A legal secretary should be able to use computer or accustomed with a technology. He/she should also have a good standard of English. Both prominent in writing or speaking is a must.

Working at home as Freelance Legal Secretary

We understand better, than today working at home, or worker that not commited to a certain company is pretty usual. People who work freelace have been increasing from time to time.

They get to understand that doing freelance jobs is a new career options. You can either work at home, or just have to work on project based jobs. Either way, it will give you flexibility both in term of working time or payment and commitment.

It doesn’t mean that working as freelancer is unprofessional, but in fact you working to represent your ownselves. It is a nice chance for you to make a great connections.

Expand your career by join in platform for freelancer first. There are so many local platform that provide this services. Try to find the most suitable jobs for you. Remember that you need to read the requirement needed. And of course the benefits like payment and others.

If you join into a platform, your jobs will be protected. It means that, both party have their own right and responsibilities that must be fullfiled. You can be paid hourly, weekly, or by milestone.

As freelancer you can work almost full time or half-time with the choice to work remotely. A nice option, isn’t it? Better than you have to work at a company and have to spend your time almost all day in the office. For people who like to work remotely it sounds like a curse.

Therefore a freelance legal secretary is a promising career for you who like to works remotely.

What You Need to Do?

At least you must have a laptop or PC but it is better to use something mobile. It will be a lot easier to work with mobile gadget like laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Other thing you need to prepare is internet connection. In fact that a stabil internet connection is the best weapon for freelancer. Since you have to work remotely, you need an internet to be connected with your client or working at your jobs.

A good communication skills is a must as freelance legal secretary. Why? You barely seen your co-worker or partner and clients, so you need to be able to interpret your client needs without meeting them.

There are several jobs related to freelance legal secretary that available right know. Of course beside making a common secretarial jobs there are other jobs that specifically intended for legal secretary.

  • Transcribe. As freelance legal secretary you will deal with bunch of legal documents. This way you will need a skill to transcribe material associated to legal investigation.
    Beside transcribing document, you also need to transcribe audio footage for investigations and varied enforcement audio.
  • Compiling and organizing data or document into an electronic file. Since most of the company now getting used to cloud storage, you need to understand about this either. It is your jobs to organizing those data into a cloud or other electronic file available.
  • Sending and receiving correspondences to or from the jugde, clients, and opposing counsel will be your duty. Including filling pleading, motions, and others electronitycally with the Court.

What freelance must understand too is that legal industry full of confidental document and informations. Thus, you need to be carefull of doing your jobs as freelance legal secretary. It needs t guarantee both party not to be disadvantages by each other.

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