How to Be a Pro Freelance Investment Banker?

About Investment Banker

Investment has been widely known as a way to manage wealth or money to be specific, in order to gain benefit in the future. The benefit gain in the future usually named as return. It can take a form of profit or share.

In fact, it is never easy to find a good investment. You need experience and enough data or information, to determined wether that’s a good investment or not.

Either way, for an individual, small company, start up, or businesses, are rather hard  to find investor or capital fund needed to expand their business. Big name will use a stock market or doing and IPO to gain more capital fund.

Therefore the position of investment banker later appeared. Along with the needs of third party, who can facilitate both partied to be connected with a right person.

A company who want to expand their business needs investor, otherwise people or entity who want to invest their money needs the information of profitable company.

What is Freelance Investment Banker?

Now,  it is possible for investment banker to work as freelancer. Usually, people who do not like to attach in daily routine or have commited into one single company, would like to join this career in advance. Some expert also choose this option in order to develop their own career and portfolio.

Doing freelance means, you either can manage your working time and choose clients. Freelance investment banker is good opportunity if you want to gain as much experience as possible.

So, how does the freelance investment banker works? Do they get enough salary for professional who seek for high salary?

The freelance investment banker help individual, small company, institution, or even big company in various side related to the businesses. Their work range are start from business planning, financial modelling, doing multiple analyst of certain company, equity research, crowfunding, and many more.

The role of freelance investment banker also same as investment banker. They help their clients to raise capital to finance various activities and grow their business. They also help investor by arranging potential investation portfoli. While the portfolio will make it easier for them, to chooses where to place their money for.

A skill of analyze financial report, understanding industries and business model, and performing valuation are important for this position.

What Needs to Do as Professional Freelance Investment Banker?

As freelance needs a strong background both education and experience. Why? Imagine if you want to place a huge ammount of money to someone who doesn’t know exactly the record was. While in other hand, there are some company that already established their name, offering for an investment? Isn’t it more tempting? You now the company background and record, their portfolio and so forth.

So what can be the advantages of freelancers? Cost and high quality services. Yes, freelancer give enough skill and quality services that above average office workers. Rather they have advantage also in the poin of time, they have more flexible time.

Freelancer able to work and place their though in a single project, and did not distracted by other projects. This will give them more than enough time to give an exellence result. Something that the clients needs!

You need to build your portfolio, and better to provide specific services. Choose your clients that more suitable with your expertise, give them result that exceeded their expectations.

Satisfied client will be your permanent client, a good addition to your portfolio, and a way a free ad. You may gain an awarenerss of other potential client in the future.

A successfull freelance investment banker will give their best effort to provide benefits for each parties related to their jobs. both the investor and the company who needs investor or capital funds, must achieve their goals.

Now, if you already build your CV, and some portfolio, you can also provide a dummy of certain financial projection or modelling. Give your potential clients a view of how you work and how it will give them benefits.

There are several freelancer who provide slides of presentation including capital structure and financing presentation, management and board reporting, bussiness model analysis, fundrising and pricing analysis.

Professional freelance investment banker must have a deep understand of their client industries and nature of business. They must understand how the company will grow in certain years, both in short term and long term period of time.

They must also able to manage the risk that might occured if an investor want to place investment or even doing merger or acquisition. Yup, their pro role including merger an acquisition.

After learning about that, will you manage to find a way to be freelance investment banker? Remember the flexibility you’ll get and the salary that you might gain if you able to join this career path. What a nice offer, right?

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