Facts of Freelance Electrical Engineering

Electricity never been parted from our life. Electricity almost can be found in anywhere, we often used it to make our life convenient. Just mention any kind of tools, like lamp, AC, heater, phone, TV, fridge, or washing machine, all of those tools used electricity in order to light up.

We new that this power resource is very important in human life. Since electricity is a basic needs for people especially who live in the city. All of the industry used electricity to run their engine. Meanwhile, most of the company need to powered up their office with electricity. Well, it’s already live in every corner of our daily activities.

Electrical Engineering

Talk about electricity, we can not parted it from electrical engineering. Since electrical engineering is a study that learn about the application of electricity to fulfill the needs of society.

Electrical engineering subjects range from concept, designing, developing, and production of electrical engine or tools needs by society. While electrical engineering is the master mind that make those thing can be realized. Remember that the existence of computer, tellecomunication, electric car, satellite, and radio is because the help of electrical engineer.

They play significant role since they supported other jobs to works. Electrical engineering a offered a lot variety of position. Recently the potential jobs related to electrical engineering has been wide open. And once you have enough experience and quite experts in certain subject, you may able to work as freelancer.

Freelance Electrical Engineering

Yes, after you achieve enough experience and you have expertise in some kind of subject of electrical engineering. You might be able to work as freelance electrical engineering.

It may be a bit tricky at first, since this job is differ from other kind of job. It included as specialist job, you may say, that no one can do it other than professional.

Before joining into freelance electrical engineering career, you need to develop your skill first. A merchantable skills that are demanded by people will be need to lift up you career as freelancer.

As freelancer you can either market yourself in website, joining freelance site or you can establised your own company. There are several options to join freelance electrical engineering.

Some people who works on their own, and not joining freelance site, start to market theirself using social media or by referal. There are jobs related to managing building energy consumption (consultant) or specialized in motion control system. You need to find what kind of skills that highly demanded by people.

While in the freelance sites, you may be able to find different kind of jobs. Those jobs including interpreting blueprint, technical drawing, collecting data, make a report, or develop products.

Join a freelance website, is it worth it?

Indeed that if you join a freelance website, you might given a charge of fee you need to pay. Those payment will be deducted from your projects price. For example, if you win a $100, the site will charge a fee range from 10% – 15% from the project price ($100).

The benefits of join into a freelance website is that you could acquire jobs from across the world and with various of budgets. And if in your country have a local site, you might be able to be connected with multiple people and manage to create your own company. It is a good opportunity to develop you knowledge and career.

These are several jobs that might be available for freelance electrical engineering in freelance website :

  • Creating pannel termination, lay-outing and so forth.
  • Quantity surveyors for bill of quantity quoting. In this kind of project you need to be able to study electrical drawings, and identify electrical components that needs to be quoted
  • Measuring signal delay time, you are needed to inform your client on how to start measurement, and choose which voltage is appropriate.
  • Plc process control and automatication system, which needed you to provide several information to your clients. The jobs will require design, installation, performing troubleshooting electrical control system, instrumentation, variable speed drive and touch panel design

Those kind of jobs will give you bunch of money, and enough for living. There are two options that you can choose for payment method as freelancer. You can be paid hourly which could give you for around $15-25/hour or you can choose a project based which could give you for around $500-$1000 or even more.

So, what you’ve been waiting for? Go grab your chance and join freelance career right now.

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