Freelance Desktop Publisher, How to be a Good One?

Dekstop Publisher

Desktop publishing or abbreviated as DTP is a modern way of creating document, using a page layout software. There are so many apps right now that can be used to perform this kind of job. You can creating layout and combining text with image and others. With the touch of art, you can create a document that ready to print or published in your web. Range from newspaper, magazine, book, catalogue, price list, business document and many others can be created using desktop publishing tools.

The desktop publisher is profession that grew from time to time. The needs to create a representative documents make it worth the money. When you need certain slide, brocure, leaflet, business card, and business proposal, you will need the help of desktop publisher.

There are many tools or apps or software that can be used by desktop publisher. The common design are Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress, MS Publisher, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Scribus and many more.

Freelance Desktop Publisher

Now let’s jump up to a freelance career of desktop publisher? Was it nice to start a career or job as freelance desktop publisher.

Later on since the convienience obtain by technology and easier internet access, people begin to move into freelance career. Of course the standard goal of joining this career is because of time. You can manage your own time, when you want to wake up, start your day, working time, break, and so forth is the privilege of being a freelancer.

Either way freelancer can pick and filtered projects and jobs that you want to handle. This also a reason pick by so many people to increase their portfolio. Like, you don’t want stuck in reutines and workt for one and that’s all. People need variety, they often got dull and bored into one thing.

Those reasons make people want to join freelance job, especially as freelance desktop publisher. Isn’t it more comfortable working at home rather than at the office? At home you can manage your working station, make it as comfy as possible.

A desktop publisher is a job that needs creativity, therefore a good working environment will be a huge help. While the freelance jobs available for desktop publishing jobs are quite vary. You can choose and try one in any freelance site.

You can either join one or two freelance site to get a project or clients. Join upwork, freelancer, guru, fivver, or other site that available in your country. There are multiple local sites for this.

How to Be a Good Freelance Desktop Publisher?

Now, what should you do to be good freelance desktop publisher? You don’t thing that you only the one that came into this career, don’t you? Trust me, there are so many people out there who eager to be freelancer especially for desktop publishing.

So you need to stand out, among those people. And first you need to follow or well, at least paying an attention to this list below :

  • You need to measure of your skills, time, financial, and knowledge to run this business. Well, freelancer is somewhat depend on projects. But once you shoot into that projects, you may find several clients for you. But you need to consider your ability, keep it in your mind, and make a determination about this.
  • Do not let your guard down as freelancer. You must find knowledge, hone you skill gradually, and if it’s possible you can join course or short of that to increase your ability.
  • Make your own business plan, what do you want to achieve. You can divide it in short, mid, or long term.
  • Choose what kind of business or services you want to offered. It is better to be expertise in some area than gather everything in one that you are not to expert about.
  • You must consider and find your best software and hardware. Remember to always plan on your budget, and consider wether a certain software or hardware need for your jobs or not.
  • After deciding to be a full freelancer you will need a name for your business. Creating business card or portfolio or anything that could represent your business is a must. Either way, your customer will hard to find you again, or it won’t sound credible enough.
  • Market your business, create advertise or joined the existing freelancer site. Start to find your own projects.
  • Remember to always set your price, make it remain the standard. At first you might want to lower your price to attract customers.
  • Give a high standard on your works, since you yourself and your job’s result is the best ad.
  • Make a contract as a standard operating procedure. It will help you and your clients where there are disputes and others.

And that’s all you need to know before joining freelance career as desktop publisher. Go and start your own journey pals!

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