Becoming a Freelance Criminal Justice!

What is Criminal Justice?

If we talk about law and everything that related to this subject, it will never end our conversation in just one or two hours. Law is a subject that has a wide and various possibility. It is a knowledge that must be understand fully, since the outcome of law might give someone or people effects.

Criminal justice is related to criminology, but there is a fundamental difference between criminology and criminal justice. As criminology is studying about crime including it causes, cost, and consequences. While criminal justice is as system profided in which crimes and criminals are detected, detained, tried, and punished.

Another term of criminal justice is the delivery of justice to those who have commited crimes. The systems itself including institutions and organizations. Therefore there are so many jobs that related to the criminal justice field. The one who included in criminal justice, studying about it, or even as the employee of criminal justice actually learn and did about all the different component and inner working of the system itself.

There are three main components of criminal justice, that we should understand more. Those are, law enforcement, court system, and correction system. If you want to join into this field, you have at least know this knowledge. Now, let’s us talk about criminal justice components, and how you distinguish it and try to find the right path for you to choose as your career.

  1. Law enforcement, this components might be the most visible one compared to others. This component related to police officer. Criminals first touch of doing their crime is with police officer. Police usually doing patrol to prevent crimes, the investigate, and arresting people if doing crimes.
  2. Court system, it is a next step from perpetrator after being arrested by police officer. Well, actually the court system is including attorney, judges, juries, and ancillary staff. People who proven to commited any crimes will be sentenced by the court system with certain punishment. But if not, then they can also be released, it depend on the evidence and how they defense theirselves.
  3. Corrections system, after being sentenced by certain punishment the perpetators will be going to the next step which are corrections system. Here they will get incarceration and probation until their punishment is finished.

And now, the questions arise might, is it really available a freelance jobs that related to criminal justice out there? Do you think that it is none of those kind of jobs? I mean, come on, it is a field that have tremendous number of career options. Of course there is also available options for you to become freelance criminal justice.

Becoming Freelance Criminal Justice!

Now, let us find out on how to become a freelance criminal justice? We knew that by choosing a freelance career you seek for a different career path that provide you a flexible time. You can choose when or what kind of jobs do you want. Here we would like to give you certain options as freelance criminal justice :

  • Private investigator
  • Private security
  • Content writer of criminal or law blogs
  • General counsel
  • Blog writer of attorney blong
  • Researcher

It is common now for people to search a private investigator for certain cases. The cases might be private, so that certain people trying to avoid attention. For a further explanations you can read the next subjects, where we would like to discuss further about some freelance criminal justice jobs.

Private Investigator

Private investigator or abbreviated with PI or private eye, private detective, or iquiry agent is someone who perform investigations and can be hired by individual or group to do investagory law services. Here are some potential problems or cases that can be done by Private Investigator including private and business matter :

  • Tracking missing people
  • Cheating partner
  • GPS tracking
  • Background check
  • Surveillance
  • Asset search
  • Stollen property
  • Due dilligence
  • Fraud investigation
  • Record verification
  • Many more

Yup, the work for PI is various, they either can help investor to make sure that their investment will be safe enough. Some use a background checking of certain potential company to make sure, that there is no problem or fraud detected during their investment transactions. And some hired PI to protect their property and even trying to investigate their partner who commited cheating.

Well, in Indonesia those cheating things might be a great solution and promissing jobs as private investigator. Don’t you think so?

Criminal Justice Writer

And if you would like to taste another experience with more flexible time, there is also an option of becoming writer related to criminal justice. It give you possibility to learn and share your knowledge related to it, but still got some cash for your living.

As a criminal justice freelance writer of course you need a skill to write and projected your idea or creating content. You can either manage attorney blog or web page, and manage your own career by becoming content writer.

There so many opportunities that you can grab of being freelance criminal justice, just choose you own path and create it as you please!

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