Tips to Join Freelance Counselling Jobs

What is counselling jobs?

Counsellor is a crucial positions. People needs a counsellor to help them improve or correcting their behavior. A counselling jobs usually offer professional with a position that help people to improve their behavior including character building.

Some counsellor also works to help people who deal with their mental issue. As we already know, that recently mental health has declining. People getting used to affected by their life problems, and it affected their mental health.

People who have unstable mental health, will not be able to show their true potential ability. There always be a barrier or problem arised if they can not manage their mental problem. Therefore a counselling jobs is highly demmanded now.

Mostly they became aware of impact that might be happen if they could not to deal with their mental issue. People want to manage or surpress it so they can live as usual as possible.

Some coach or counsellor also work to develop people behaviour and make character building to support those people who needs to improve their effectiveness. Sometimes we want to get change, we want to make our character become strong, and stand up againts others. We need a counsellor to help us overcome it.

Recently, even counsellor can be a freelancer. A freelance counselling jobs might not to familiar, but in big cities this profession become quite usual. You can find them through freelance site, apps, or sometime social media.

People who wants to acquire anger management, anxiety, self-esteem, or feeling low in the society can find a help in counsellor. While some people have no time to visit psychiatrist, they tend to find an online help that available 24/7.

Therefore joining freelance counselling jobs is a nice option for people who work in this sector or industry. They can manage their working time and private life. It is quite tempting to work in this field since you have multiple options, as becoming private counsellor, character builder, coach, therapist, or a writer.

There are so many website out there who needs writer related to counselling jobs. A nice option isn’t it?

Needs to do to join freelance counselling jobs?

Being a freelancer in counselling jobs is not hard to do actually. There are several sites that you can either join or visits to get client or customer. They tend to work in a local site or a platform that spesifically gathered counsellor from everywhere, in one single platform.

But doing freelance counselling jobs is not only join in a freelance sites but you need to build your portfolio. You need to create a CV or any related information to build a strong background. And as counsellor first thing you need to do is give the best service to help your client or customer. Remember that they try to overcome with their problem, which is not easy. So because you can’t meet them often or maybe at all, and the you only meet them via chat or message, you need to gather information from them as much as possible.

You need an extra effort to understand your client problem. But, honestly for your client, an online counselling is better option. They won’t have to deal with stigmas, or shy to share their problems with you. They can use either surename or alias to hide their identity.

Build up your networks or develop your business by creating your own platform is an option. With a platform you will be able to promote yourself and gathering other counsellor. It will make your client easier to find you.

But if you do not have resource yet, to create a platform, you can still working by freelance site. Remember that to be counsellor you need to provide good services, keep clients confidental, more communicative, and set a standard price. If you set your price to high it may cause your client hesitant to use your services.

Benefits you get

If you join freelancer jobs, you might be able to achieve work life balance. You can maintain your relationship with your family along with developing your career.

Aside from that you will paid nicely, both hourly or by milestone or project based according to the job description you need to handle.

You will get a better apreciation from your customer, since they demand your skills and ability. They come to you, because they needs you.

Others might related to the projects, you will achieve better portfolio and networking if you finished your projects. And usually, project based jobs that will return to you again.

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