Freelance Biotech Jobs, Things You Should Know!

Biotechnology or often shortened as biotech is a branch of biology which involving living system and organism to develop or make a new product. This also involving any kind of application that use living organism, biological system, derivatives, and modifying producst in order for special use or achieving better quality.

People begin to used biotech in any field like agriculture, food production, medicine, as well as environment. Recently biotech has diverse into certain area like genomic, gene recombinations, immunology, parmacheutical therapy and diagnostic test.

Biotech also sometimes combine with other branch of science like chemical, engineering, healthcare, and others. Those make biotech become more precious from time to time.

Biotech Jobs

Biotech usually needed in order to develop certain products for company. Usually a company that have a strong relation with medical, health, food, or animal products. The career branch of biotech is quite various. Here are some example that you might want to know about biotech jobs :

  • Agricultural and food science technician that working along with agricultural and food scientist to monitor food production and safety.
  • Biofuel technician, we knew that recently biofuel has developed into much significant things. Since biofuel is e renewable energy that could be produced constantly, it become more important in our life. As biofuel technician, you might works in laboratory in order to produce ethanol and biodiesel.
  • Cell culture technician, they work to grow living cells in culture flasks, bioreactor, plates and other containers. While the type of cells can came from plants or animals.
  • Chemistry quality control technician, you need to perform daily benchmark, in order to put everything is meet with the required levels of quality, test raw materials, finished products, and packing materials. All of those must meet with the Standar Operational Procedures in the company.
  • Food sample inspector, as mentioned before that biotech jobs also included with food products. You must perform inspections to organizations or company that produce or provide food including restaurants, supermarkets, and slaughterhouses. You could easily find this jobs in Indonesia, usually they works in goverment area.
  • Laboratory assistants or technician, you will perform certain procedure needed in laboratory. The purpose might be vary according to the subject being identified. It could be for knowledge reason, investigation, and others.
  • Quality assurance is the common jobs available, including for biotech jobs. Your role will be to manage the systems and procedure needed to prevent mistakes and help to avoid any potential problems during the process.
  • Product development technician, here the jobs offered you an option to create or develop certain products. Either to make it more effective, or to meet with the market criteria.

There are so many interesting and potential jobs besides what we have mentioned earlier. Biotech offered various options and promissing career track.

Freelance Biotech Jobs

Freelance biotech jobs might sound unfamiliar for certain people? But as the technology and internet developed into a new shape, it is possible for biotechnician to work remotely.

There are so many otions available out there to be freelance biotech jobs. You can either work in site, using local platform, or established you own name by marketing yourself directly to project owner.

As freelancer, the ultimate benefits are able to work remotely, able to manage your jobs, the harder you work (obtain multiple clients or project) the more you get. Just as freelancer you need to manage your own schedule. You need to selecting which works or jobs is possible for you and which one is not.

But honestly, working as freelance biotech will give you a feeling of satisfaction and your skills are valued more. There are several kind of biotech jobs that could be handle by freelancer. Here are example freelance jobs in the market :

  • Cosmetic chemist, people usually needs your help to realize their idea of creating cosmetics products. Since mostly cosmetics needs nutritions from plants, they need your help to create a great compositions or formulations.
  • Chemistry laboratory procedure, sometimes they needs help to create or formulated the right laboratory procedures. They want to interpret chemical reactions in order to gain certain results. Therefore they needs you to conduct the right procedure in order to get that result.
  • Biotech consultant, if you are expert enough and able to give certain input for company, individual, or oganizations this jobs migh be suitable for you. As consultants your role will be crucial since you guide them to achieve certain results. A consultant should also able to work with data, solving problem, find a solutions, conducting data analysis, and other.
  • Biotech content writer, there are bunch of site and blog that needs your expertise and knowledge to provide them with a good material. As writer you might work in several website or blog and able to work almost everywhere as long as you have internet connection.

Actually you can find a lot of option for freelance biotech jobs. But remember, that your client might trust you if you have a nice resume or portofolio. You needs to create an informative resume of your ability and skills including your price rate.

Working as freelancer is a new career option for people who hate daily routine. So, if you decide to resign, just remember this option to fill up your career path. It is quite promising nowadays.

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