Freelance Automotive Jobs

Freelance Automotive Jobs

Automotive is an industry that long existed and one of the sector that still growing up from time to time. You can find a lot of opportunities in this jobs area. Automotive itself is considered as world’s largest economic sectore in term of revenue. Such a big business running from automotive sector.

While automotive itself, combining of design, development, manufacture, marketing, and selling vehicles. The job can spread to auto reviewing, writing, and photography. Those stuff created in order to fullfiled a content, and many more.

Now after supported by technology, people begin to work as freelancer. They choose this type of job, since it gives them time flexibility and ability to choose what or where they want to work for.

Benefits of Freelance Automotive Jobs

People start to leave permanent jobs because of so many reasons. The ultimate reason usually because of payment or salary, opportunity, time flexibility, lack of appreciation, or the pressure that happened in the company.

That is why, people begin to switch into freelance career. There are several benefits that you will obtained after joining into these type of career. Just as the following explanation :

  • Better salary and payment. You can choose what kind of project you want to be involved with. The hourly rate for freelance automotive jobs is pretty good $25 per hour.
  • Time flexibility. Freelance jobs best offered is ability to manage your own time to work. You can choose whenever you want to set your working time. If you want to spend more time with your family, you can arrange it at anytime.
  • Career development and opportunity to get new network. Freelance job also give you opportunity to gain better career development. Since it is possible to work on different client and project based. You can always find new things during your working time. And if you want to set up a network, freelance might be the best choices since you can meet as much as people as possible.
  • No more daily routine. People usually getting bored of same old same old things. The same routinity for too long make you fell uneasy and iritated sometimes. Therefore you need to join freelance career to avoid this situation, you need something to change your daily routine time.
  • Appreciation. People who work in company sometimes doesn’t have enough appreciation. There are thousand of people in the same company, you need to compete with them. While the system itself in the company could not support you to develop better. Unlike that, freelance automotive jobs give you a better appreciation. You will met with certain people, who really appreciate your skills and ability. You are paid by your skills and you will feel wanted.
  • Start your own business. Yup, became a freelancer means that you may have more free time. You can manage that free time to create your own business. Freelancer give you privilege to do that. Since you are not stuck in the same routine from day to day, you have more time to plan on you business.

What Should You Do To Join Freelance Automotive Jobs?

Now, what should you do in order to join this freelance automotive jobs? Even at start it might not that easy, but you can choose to join freelance career by joining local platform, or create your own.

It is safe to join a platform at first. Since it will help you to adapt into freelance working time. It is a good opportunity to expand your client network too. Before you start your own business, we suggest you to obtain several client to make it your permanent client.

Join site like autotech recruit, truelancer, upwork, guru, freelancer, guru, people per hour, iFreelance, and many more. After that you need to short listed on what kind automotive jobs you want to take. If you live in UK or US, you might find certain physical project that allow you to met your client directly like vehicle techinician or MOT testers.

At upwork or freelancer you might find certain project like advisory, report writing, reviewing products, products design and others.

After joining into that platform, you need to create your portfolio. What kind of works you have been done before, achievement you get, and other related informations. If you still don’t have any of this experience, you can begin to state your educational background. If you work in report or reviewing products type of project, then you need to make a sample. Create one is the key, make it as good as possible. It included in the products design or advisory, try to create one and make that as your sample or portfolio.

Trust me, even it takes your time but it will be worth it. Do not forget to set your price. Not to high, just a standard price. If you want to set a higher price, than you need to give a reason of why people needs to spend their money more on you. And that’s all you need to know of automotive freelance jobs. Start a freelance career is not easy, but if you have set your mind on it, you must trust yourself first. Remember that big effort will give you a great result later.

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