20 Most Profitable Freelance Jobs

Nowadays, freelance is a great choices for people to acquire job without getting to be tied in a company for such a long term. Mostly, freelance jobs can also be done at home, so you don’t need to attend at the office. And in addition to that, a freelance jobs offered people to be able to manage their own time. You can either work for less than 5, or more than 5 hours per day. It is you who decide and adjust to the company needs.

Freelance is quite an option for people nowadays, when most of us can be connected through the people across the world only using an internet. All of the application, web, and social media are tools which could support peoples on doing jobs through home. The options of freelance jobs getting vary from time to time. Since most of the industrial sector can be manage by people from across the world. Either it is related to the technology, fashion, creative industry, travel industry, or financial sector there are so many choices of freelance jobs recently.

Well, did you already joining in this freelance industry? Or rather you want to know more about what options available for freelance jobs out there? If you are getting interested in this kind of options for your future, you’d better to read this articles. Since we will discuss this matter thoroughly.

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Freelance criminal justice jobs

As we all know that for whoever commited crimes will be punish or delivered a justice using the eligible and the law in force in that place. If we talk more about law, it might give us a little headache, isn’t it? Since law is something that can not easily considered like a mathematical formula. While the math will give you exact or same result, not with the law. Criminal justice also offered professional to get their hand into freelance criminal justice.

Now, you can find a lot of people are getting involved in criminal justice. Of course these people will needs help from a professional one to complete or at least give them an advice. The freelance criminal justice jobs is including private investigator, private security, content writer for law blogs, general counsel, blog writer for attorney blog, doing research, and related jobs.

Freelance criminal justice jobs requirements

  • Have a law degree is preferable
  • Have an experience at least for 5 years will give you a plus
  • Able to doing a research methodology (legal research using tools)
  • Have a good writing skills
  • Understand of SEO
  • Understand copywriting
  • Able to work remotely

Freelance criminal justice jobs salary

As a content writing, copywritting, the freelancer will paid hourly at the range of USD 5-15/hour. Some project might pay freelancer at the higher price range from USD 25-40. But for certain job such as trademark abuses, they will pay you for about USD 1,000 fixed price.

Freelance telecommunications jobs

A position for freelance telecommunications jobs also available, which give professional a better opportuinity and flexibility for managing their time. The freelance telecommunications jobs usually related to engineering and sales representatives. Especially for telecommunications engineering now that achieve a rapid advancement, there is so much scope in this kind of job.

The freelance jobs, make it possible for people who works in telecommunications jobs for working at home and still earn an extra bucks to their pocket. The duty or scope of works are range from taking care of telecom, maintaining the server, fixing the network, plan telecom instalations, maintaining customer relationship by handling their problems, verifies services and many more. While as the sales represntatives one should be able to handle account plant, business strategy of how to grow the service and potential customer.

Freelance telecommunications jobs requirements

  • Able to work remotely
  • Able to handle customer complain fast and give them solution
  • Good analytical skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Able to perform problem solving, decission making, and critical thinking
  • Operation research
  • Fully understand of network models
  • Self-motivated, active learning, and co-ordination is a must
  • At least graduated from related field
  • It will be great if you have a certificate of course like Certify-TCO, Tercomtraining and other

Freelance telecommunications jobs salary

The freelance tellecomunication jobs will offer you a right amount of payment. But you need to understand first that the payment might be vary depend on the term of payment. There are three different payment which are fixed price model, hourly model which are the most popular one, and by project budget based model. The fixed price model will offer freelancer, a payment from USD 20-200. While if you bid for hourly model, it will offer you a payment from USD 5-35/hour with the average rate per hour might be at USD 22.

Freelance senior project manager

A project manager is position that play significant role in term of executing a project for company. They took an overall responsibility, usually including initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling, and closure the project. There are series of industry that use the role of project manager, especially a senior one. A senior project manage, will play a greater key position according to their level of experience.

Industrial sector like construction, architecture, petrochemical, IT or technology industry, hotel or accomodation industry, to fashion industry, and many related industry that produce a product and service has this kind of title in their company position.

A freelance senior project manager needs multi skills like coordination between people, initiating the project, driving the entire crew to achieve to project goals, management skills, and able to minimilize the risk that might occured during the process. 

Freelance senior project manager requirements

  • Understand about the project management 
  • Able to work with project management tools like MS project
  • Able to use google analytic, or other social media marketing will be an added value
  • Fully understand of developing and time schedulling
  • Able to perform risk management and analysis
  • Fully understand of budget estimation or cost estimation
  • Able to work among team
  • Able to manage multiple project, worker/team, assign and manage activities, meet deadline and develop the project
  • Have at least 5-8 years experience in the related field

Freelance senior project manager salary

Since the senior project manager is an important position for the succeed of a project, the salary or pricing rate for this position is quite high. Even at the lowest rate will give freelancer about USD 350-400/day. While the hourly rate might range from USD 15-50/hour, it might depend on the project they worked on.

Freelance management consulting jobs

Management consulting is a job that give a service to act as a consultant for people (individual), company, small firm, small company, institution on managing their business. Their core purpose is to give solution to the client on wether the business is in the right track or not. Well, actually they help those client to expand or either make their company more efficient and growing. 

Some company usually the small one, or individual who run a business might want to hire freelance management consulting. They need professional to help them develop their business. To summarize that the client need is professional advice on how to make business strategy, operational technique, time management, business development, business analysis, marketing development and so forth depending upon the needs.  

Freelance management consulting jobs requirements

  • Able to perform management analysist
  • Fully understand of workflow management
  • Fully understand of operational management and their related terms
  • Fully understand of time management
  • Fully understand of business development
  • Able to build business relationship or partnership 
  • Understand of partnership agreement or business law 
  • Understand of marketing strategy and business planning
  • Have at least 5 years of experience in related field is desireble
  • Fluent in English both oral and writing

The freelance management consulting jobs give profesional manager to give advise without commited of full term contract in a consulting company. They could pick any client and adjusting their ability and experience according to the client needs. Their jobs may be vary from managing the company strategy, operational activities, make it more effective, or introducing the company to investor or potential customer. They act as liasing for their client to gain better postion and profit.

Freelance management consulting jobs salary

The salary of becoming freelancer in management consulting is quite good, their hourly rate might be at USD 30/hour for junior or entry level project. And it can be higher due to the needs or the projects. If the freelancer act as liasing for the client to get a potential investor or make a partnership it might rise into USD 150/hour. It is a good opportunity since there are so many company or small medium enterprises that needs management consulting. Especially for those companies that are starting to grow and expand their businesses.

Freelance veterinary jobs

We knew that veterinary is a specific job, and could it be also available of freelance veterinary jobs out there? Of course the answer is yes absolutely, you can find a freelance veterinay jobs out there, though it may not too much. The jobs available usually as a content writter related to pet or animals blogs. Creating an academic papers or involved in engagement of regulatory compliance.

Freelance veterinary jobs requirements

  • Have a degree in related field
  • Able to work remotely
  • Good writing skills both for content writing, academic papers, or research papers
  • Fully understand of blog based and SEO optimization
  • Fluent in English both writing and speaking

Freelance veterinary jobs salary

For this freelance jobs, people willing to pay on average price range from USD 5-15/hour.  And for the academic papers project might give freelancer better payment at USD 50. While a certain project could give you a fixed price payment for about USD 300.

Freelance biotech jobs

Biotechnology which commonly abbreviated as biotech is a branch of science that studies the utilization of living organism or their products (including enzim and alcohol) in the production processes to create better products and services. Biotech can be combined with other science’s branch to make a better products.

Freelance biotech jobs will range from consulting, product development, data mining and analysis, project manager, copywriting, conducting research and many more. There are several jobs role related to biotech now, especially in developing certain products and doing research. While for entry level, and a simple works you can do a copywriting or be a content writer for biotech blogs and so forth.

Freelance biotech jobs requirements

  • Have a strong eduacation background from related field (biotechnology)
  • Able to work remotely
  • Have a strong analytical skills
  • Able to work with data
  • Able to work in product development
  • Good writing skills is must for content writing or copywriting
  • Understand of marketing strategy is preferable for product development
  • Intermediate level of MS Office and related software

Freelance biotech jobs salary

There are various level of payment rate for freelance biotech jobs in the market. For data mining or data analysis which can provide you 30 hours/week the hourly rate will be USD 10-12,5/hour. While for the copywriter or content writer can obtain payment from USD 5-10/hour which give you more thatn 30 hours/week. And the fixed price project might give you USD 30.

Freelance investment banker

An Investment banker from time to time has been acknowledge that the career opportunities also available at home. Working as a freelance investment banker give them various ways to connect to their client. Wether they living in the same roof or not, or even from across the world. As a freelance investment banker, they can grab potential client that spread from variety of choices either a company, individual, start up, firm, or other client that needs to raise their capital or business flow as well as managing an acquisition or merger.

A freelance invsetment banker is working usually range in a scope of work as an analyst, financial modelling, market research, or performing business development, and many more. Usually a smaller firm or start up company are eager to find a freelance investment banker since they were lack of resources for that. Therefore so many opportunites available now for someone who want to be freelance investment banker. So what is the requirement to join the freelance investment banker?

Freelance investment banker requirements 

  • Able to perform analytical data along with merger and acquisition
  • Able to perform business relationship/development
  • Fully understand of asset management
  • Fully understand of financial report or corporate finance
  • Fully understand of financial management
  • Fully understand of market review
  • Min. 5 years experience in related field
  • Graduate from reputable university will be an added value
  • Fluent in English both oral and writing
  • Might include fundrising, understand of private equity, business law, venture capital consulting, crowdfunding, and so forth.

Since mostly the employer or project owners are global company. English is the standard language used by most of the employer or project owners, so that the freelancer must understand about English both oral or writing skill. It will be a lot easier if you able to speak more than 1 language.

Freelance investment banker salary

The salary or rather payment for freelancer might be vary, depend of how difficult the project might be. Since an investment banker related job will involving a large ammount of money. But the standard rate for freelance invesment banker is USD 50/hour (junior/entry level). And for senior or intermediate project might rate about USD 300/hour. Compared to the hourly rate this income is way better, and in addition that freelancer could have a flexible working time.

Freelance psychology jobs

The role of pyschologist recently become more important since they studies normal and abnormal mental states, cognitive, emotional, and social behavior. Mental illness have been quite a problem recently. The development in techonology, information system, and how people interact each other has also given a side effects. The mental illness became vary, more problematic, and serious. That is why a psychologist became an important job right now.

And here is an opportunity for psychologist to work at home or getting freelance pyschology jobs. Is it possible for this role to work remotely? Well, of course the answer is yes, very possible indeed. You can build your own start up or work individually if you want to work on your own, without getting attach to a company or daily routine. Freelance psychology jobs range from conselling or online therapist to writing, research, product developer and became an online coach. The salary will depend on your role also.

Freelance psychology jobs requirements

  • Strong education background related to the job (psychology)
  • Able to work remotely
  • Able to perform research with multiple methods
  • Able to perform psychological test, simple diagnostic, and behaviour assestment
  • Familiar with APA (American Physcological Association) style, a formating style for essay and papers in the social science
  • Has a good writing skill
  • Able to speak and write in English

Freelance psychology jobs salary

As a freelance psychologist you will get a payment in the range of USD 5-25/hour. While for the project based you could get USD 100/project like a psychology research.

Freelance real estate broker

Well, a real estate broker has been a long established job for decades. This jobs is quite simple but yet it is a difficult one either. A real estate broker is a person, agent, or realtor who represents both buyer or seller of a real estate or property they interest with or owned. The key role of real estate broker is to fulfill and meet each of the party needs in order to find the most suitable one. Some of real estate broker have a license, usually the agent. There are four different type of broker:

  • Buyer’s agent, their role is to advice buyer and help them buy the right property, their advice including price, location, document or agreement, term of payment.
  • Seller’s agent, it usually called as listing agent or listing broker that contracted or trusted by owner to sell or marketing their property to potential buyer (to sell/lease)
  • Dual agent, they act as represntative of both buyer and seller to negotiate.
  • Transaction broker, their services is quite limited and did not have fiduciary obliagtions.

There are number of jobs related to freelance real estate broker including investment analyzer, appraisal, corporate asset manager, financier, or be a freelancer at private real estate agency, or maybe you could also start your own busnisses.

Freelance real estate broker requirements

  • MBA in real estate management will be preferable
  • If you do not have any professional degree, then it is better to take a diploma course or certification course that give you fundamental aspect related to real estate management.
  • It is also preferable for freelancer to join real estate association.
  • Managerial skill and organization is a must
  • Have a strong communication skills
  • Have a strong connection or networking
  • Have a good analytical skill or appraisal skill

Freelance real estate broker salary

Before you decide to join the freelance real estate broker, you need to understand first on how much money will you get in this business. The typical payment for freelance real estate broker is per project or per property sold. It might give you from USD 1,000-1,500 of payment for the properti sold or agreement. Both if we calculate it in year, possible income for freelance real estate can reach up USD 75,000/year for appraising, and broker or marketable one will be USD 100,000/year. It is a great way for people to earn money and be in the most influental investment business.

Freelance desktop publisher

Desktop publishing or usually shortened as DTP is a way to create or make document using a page layout software. While a desktop publishing softaware can provide and generate layouts and typographic quality text and image which can be compared with tradition typhography and printing. This allowed both individual, businesses, or other organizations to create their and published their own contents. From magazines, books, and menus with a lower budget compare to the traditional or commercial one.

Now, there is also a position of freelance desktop publisher. People may not to familiar with this freelance job. Their job role will range from graphic designing, typesetting, template design, database or XML publishing either for books, magazines, catalogues, marketing collateral, marketing campaign, brochures, leaflets, and many more. There are so many opportunities that using the skills of freelance desktop publisher.

Freelance desktop publisher requirements

  • Able to perform graphic designer using several software or program
  • Able to use MS Office
  • Able to work remotely
  • Fluent in English both writing or speaking
  • Understand of publishing method such as database and XML publishing
  • Good writing skills
  • Able to perform typsetting both for books, magazines, brochures, training handbooks, and so forth
  • Have an education background from related field will be preferable, including course and vocational studies

Freelance desktop publisher salary

As the salary, a freelancer of desktop publishing can achieve hourly rate range from USD 10-20/hour. While for fixed price project the freelancer can get a payment range from USD 15-50. But if you are working for an expert level project such as books, you may be paid even higher which range up to USD 50/hour or by project that can be up to USD 700. 

Freelance automotive jobs

Freelance automotive jobs actually have a wide scopes. Since it can be in the field of photography, writer specifically about automotive, or the most common one is as technician, and you can also be an advisor or consultants for a company. 

Freelance automotive jobs requirements

  • Good writing skills
  • Have an education background from related field
  • Able to conduct market research
  • Able to work remotely
  • Fully understand of automotive topic or subject
  • Able to write and speak in English
  • For a advisor or consulting jobs, freelancer must fully understand about automotive engineering or mechanical engineering
  • Good data analytical skills

Freelance automotive jobs salary

The jobs usualy paid in fixed price which range from USD 125-300. But freelancer can also find a project or jobs that offer hourly payment. For this term of payment you might get a rate range from USD 20-35,5.

Freelance testing jobs

Freelance testing jobs is general field that provide a bunch of jobs for freelancer to pick. Since this field is almost needed in many industry. There are several testing jobs that available for freelancer which are software testing, software QA testing, web testing, usability testing, functional testing and many more.

A testing jobs is critical to find the bugs, gaps or flaws in certain products. Especially for products that related to software, mobile apps, and performance testing. By testing the software or application especially in their beta version, it is important to know the user experiences right and get rid all of the bugs and flaws. This will make sure those products could run smoothly without any problem, and make sure that the potential buyer of the product experience the best.

Quality assurance sometimes neglected by business people or people who eager to develop their products. But the process is very importance to improve and evaluate the producst (software and application). This positon also available for freelancer. The freelance testing jobs is a great way to earn extra money. Some game developer also give a chance for certain people to test their new game. By that they are able to develop their game until it can be launched officialy without a minimun problems. Could you ever imagine if the game was not been testing before? There might be bugs and the player might complain about it over and over. And the worst is, they won’t play or use that game again. It same goes to software and applications.

Freelance testing jobs requirements

  • Able to work remotely
  • Able to prepare a test plan is preferable in certain project related to the software development
  • Have a good internet services
  • Able to write a report for the testing results
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Certain software skills with intermediate to expert level might be needed depend on the projects
  • Hard working
  • If you work for mobile apps tester then you might need a reliable gadget (smartphones, PC, or laptop) which certain standard according to the project owner needs
  • Since the testing jobs have a wide scope of jobs you need to specify your speciality

Freelance testing jobs salary

As mentioned before that freelance testing jobs offer a wide range of fields. According to several freelancer portal, the rate for QA analyst range from USD 15-250. It can be hourly payment or fixed price. At the minimum hourly payment will be range at USD 15-30.

Freelance travel jobs

Traveling recently has been a lifestyle for most of people around the world. Since the possibility of doing traveling is became higher. Every can travel all across the world without limitiation as long as they have money to do so. Though, the price to travel in certain place is quite cheap or affordable.

Now you can book a flight, hotel or accomodation, searching for a good tourist spot just by one click in your smartphone. Then, is it possible that there are freelance travel jobs still available nowadays? Let us find more about it. As we have mentioned countless time that blogging and web is very  common. Content writing for traveling blogs have become popular among young people. Through this blogs people could find a better information before decide to come to certain places.

Aside from becoming travel writing, freelance travel jobs can also be a travel planning and travel agent. There is still a greater chance for you to join this freelance jobs. For example, do you wondering on how is the role of travel planner might be? A travel planner role is to manage and plan our travel to certain place. From transport, accomodation, time scheduling, travel times and other important information. This will help people to get an economic travel and avoid them from the complicated preparation for traveling. This also same goes to travel agent, with may less jobs description.

Freelance travel jobs requirements

  • Good management skills
  • Good marketing skills
  • Good relationship management skills
  • Able to work with multiple personality
  • Good at handling customer with quick response
  • Have a great writing skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to work remotely and have a smooth internet access
  • Can be available for almost 24 hours/day will be preferable for a travel planning or travel agent jobs. Since they must be ready at anytime if the client needs them.

Freelance travel jobs salary

The salary or rate might be vary since there are 3 key roles. For writing in a blog of traveling, they will pay you for about USD 10/hour. But writer can also be paid per words, it can be range from at the minimum of USD 0,1-1/word. While the travel planner usually paid at a fixed price with an average pay rate of USD 20.

Freelance counselling jobs

Counselling is needed for people to improve their behavior effectiveness and their mental behavior according to their needs, which usually affected their career or work.

A counsellor or a coach is needed by most of the people to make their career is on track or to provide them advise in order to find the right jobs. Therefore the needs of online counsellor and coach is increasing from time to time. As we knew now, that mental illness or psychological disorder became the hot issue. From the problem of anger management, anxiety, self esteem, and feeling low are accured within our society. Therefore the freelance counselling jobs are available for professional. They can be a therapist, career coach, or a writer.

Freelance counselling jobs requirements

  • Graduated from a psychology is prefereable
  • Good communication skills
  • Can provide career solutions
  • Great at handling people and able to encourage them
  • Good writing skills
  • Able to work remotely with a smooth internet access
  • Able to perform research
  • Have an ability of life coach, self help, and personal development is highly preferable

Freelance counselling jobs salary

An average of freelance counselling hourly rate will be around USD 23,5-25,5. It will depends on the role you will take as a freelancer. As a life coach people willing to pay you for USD 23,5. It is a great opportunity for professional psychologist to earn more money and help people with their problems.

Freelance legal secretary

A legal secretary is a position that work and perform for secretarial jobs, but spesifically related with law field. The job descriptions might include writing legal documents, conducting research, doing standard secretarial duties (creating and maintaning schedule, answering calls or email, ordering supplies and many administrative jobs).

So the position of freelance legal secretary will not to far from the description above. But more importantly the freelance legal secreatary is able to work remotely. This will helps individual lawyer, firm, or legal entity to provide standard legal secretary jobs with lower cost and more efficient way. This will also helps freelancer who did not want to be tangled in daily routine and willing to work at home but still earn a paycheck.

The freelance legal secretary will be able to manage scope of jobs range from secretarial task that are specific to the legal sector, writing up legal documents, reading legal articles, proofreadind documents, transcribing, be a personal assistance, managing case files and many other jobs. As long as the connection to the internet is available, the position of freelance legal secretary is able to handle those jobs. It is a solution for people who works on legal field with a tight schedule.

Freelance legal secretary requirements

  • At least a diploma of secretary
  • Have a reliable internet services
  • Able to handle legal documents
  • Able to handle creating and maintaining schedules
  • Fully understand of legal articles and legal writing
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to speak and write in English is a must
  • Great management skills
  • Able to work remotely

Freelance legal secretary salary

Freelace legal secretary also know as paralegal is a promising jobs to earn extra money. Since all you need to do mostly is about administration, you must need a good management skills. Now let us check on how much the freelance legal secretary will be paid?

A standard rate of this freelance usually at USD 35/hour with an approximately more than 30 hours/week. While other might pay you a little higher at USD 35-38 in intermediate/expert experience level. And the entry level might a bit lower than that like in a range of USD 20-25.

Freelance advertiser

Advertising is a common field that needed for any kind of industry. If you want your products or services to be acknowledge by your clients or potential clients, you better have an advertisement for your own products and services. Some company even prepare a big budget or cost for this matter. The knew exactly that better advertising will give them a great selling booster.

Now, let us see how to become freelance advertiser? What choice do freelancer have in the advertising field? Facebook advertiser, affiliate marketing, Insta ads manager, SEO experts, Googlee adverstiser, digital marketing, social media marketing, Amazon ppc specialist, and many more jobs available for freelance advertiser. This role offer various jobs and has important roles, which lead them to be the most popular and profitable field.

The duties of freelance advertiser is range from :

  • Working on a team remotely, or individual according to the project
  • Supervising and be a liasing inter department or between company to various marketing channel or provider
  • Making an advertising content, design, and campaign
  • Advertising in most of the popular social media
  • Analyze the latest trends and people or public perception and drive them to buy certain products or services

Freelance advertiser requirements

  • Great communication skills
  • Able to work both in team or individual
  • Able to work remotely
  • Great analytical and research skills
  • Have a full understanding of organization and problem solving
  • Have a certificate or degree related to advertising will be preferable
  • Able to handle social media advertiser such as Insta Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon PPC and other related Ads)
  • Great time management
  • Great experience in relationship management

Freelance advertiser salary

The salary for being a freelance advertiser can be divide into two ways, which are project based or hourly payment. Some of the project based may use a milestone, that allowed you to take payment per termin or percentage from the part of project that already completed. But the most common practice is a hourly payment, that rate from USD 10-25/hour.

Freelance pharmaceutical jobs

Pharmaceutical industry by far is a stable industry compare other industres. This jobs including discovering, produces, and marketing drugs and medical devices to the patient, in order to cure, vaccinate, and alleviate them from the diseases.

Now, you can also find freelance pharmaceutical jobs that make you able to manage your own time to works. Beside you can also sort out the job or job specialization to be taken. From marketing the producst, doing research, data analysis, to content writing is available for this industry. Freelancer can also be the representative of certain products or pharmaceutical brands. Writing field also available, for blog or content articles, since now all company or organizations always using blog or web or other social media to promote their products. This will allowed them to propose new potential customers or clients.

Freelance pharmaceutical jobs requirements

  • Have an educational background in pharmaceutical field
  • Able to work remotely
  • Able to handle marketing research, strategy, and B2B marketing
  • Good communication skill is a must for a representative position
  • Able to conduct data analysis
  • Able to speak in English as well as writing skill
  • Understand of medical topics
  • Able to handle customer request and complains
  • Well organized
  • And for blog or web content writer you need at least to understand the platform and SEO

Freelance pharmaceutical jobs salary

The payment rate might be vary for this freelance jobs according to the key role. For a content writing, freelancer can be paid from USD 5-15/hour. Some freelaner with an expert or intermediate experience could earn from USD 40-75/hour. While for other like project based jobs freelancer could at least earn from USD 200-300 fixed price, but for B2B marketer you can earn higher payment per project for about USD 500.

Freelance banking jobs

It is has been decades that banking is plays a crucial things which drive the economic growth in all countries. But during that time either, banking has offered several products and develop their capabilities of handling customer transcations. There are lot of opportunities that offered as freelance banking. Mostly the common jobs that available in this position are related to marketing or customer sales. 

Banking is a sector that will growth across the time, there are a different term now that devide banking sector into two main categories. First, conventional banking which handling transaction and offered products manually, or use the old way. While the second term, is came for a modern way of banking. This banks offered much various potential products which tailored made according to the customer’s needs. And somewhat they use technology to offer their services. It is because they fully understand that most of their potential customer may not come from nearby but might come from across the globe. 

Therefore they needs expertise in some position related to bank such as marketing, customer sales, or doing bank reconcilitation.

Freelance banking jobs requirements

  • Fully understand of financial report
  • Fully understand of banking standard products and services
  • Able to perform bank reconcilitation
  • Good at English
  • Have at least 3 years experience as relationship manager 
  • Able to handle customer complain or explain the banking products to customer 
  • For a marketing or customer sales position usually you are encourage to have a cellphone to reach your customer. Precisely that you must able to make a telephone calls
  • Able to use microsoft office or google sheets and docs or other related software
  • Able to prepare financial analysis

Freelance banking jobs salary

For this freelance jobs usually company, firm, individual, or others would like to pay a rather medium price. For a telemarketing position it might be at USD 20/hour but for banking reconciliation it might get you a better check for about USD 35-50/hour. 

Freelance for aero engineering

Aero engineering has been a very prestige and difficult study among others. The very high complexity make it not all people were able to be an aero engineering. Indeed that aero engineering is not a common study, it studying about the force of human to be able to explore both inside and outside of th atmosphere of the earth. Aero modelling, drawing, material technical, learn about the interaction between human and machine, aeroelasticity, and many more field of study are related to aero engineering.

Now have you any wonder that there is also exist freelance for aero engineering. Their jobs might be specific, but that’s what make this job available as a good opportunity for freelance. Usually they need people to make aeromodelling, aircraft design, 3D modelling, design product and many more.

Freelance for aero engineering requirements

  • Able to perform mechanical design
  • Able to perform aeromodelling
  • Able to used analytical tools such as AutoCAD, CATIA, MATLAB, ANSYS, Siemen NX and more
  • Experience in computer skills
  • Experience in MS Excel
  • Fully understand of data science
  • Able to use 3D modelling tools

Freelance for aero engineering salary

The salary of freelance for aero engineering might be vary depend on the complexity of each project. But mostly the freelancer will get around USD 35-75/hour for a job like aeromodelling or 3D modelling. Some of the jobs range from initiating the design of the product until developing the product to reach it final design.

Freelance electrical engineer jobs

Our daily things now has been the work of electrical engineer. Maintaining the power supply and made our life easier by providing such a nice technology through their work. Electricity surely could not be parted from our life. Either you want to work as fulltime worker, part-time, or freelance to get extra money, this job is available for any of those options.

Becoming a freelance electrical engineer make it possible for professional to manage their own time schedulling. Nowadays almost every jobs offered a freelance position, including electrial engineer. Should we start to know on how the role of freelance electrical engineer might be?Is it possible to earn a lot of money from this jobs?

The freelancer should understand first about what might their role be, or job description listed. A freelance electrical engineer is handling various jobs including reading or interpreting blueprints, technical drawing, compiling data and make a report, collecting data and doing surveys, budgeting, overseeing the project production efforts, planning and impelementing research methodology, develop future product, and many more.

Freelance electrical engineer jobs requirements

  • Complex problem solving
  • Able to use technical drawing tools
  • Able to perform operations reserach and analysis
  • Good coordination and managerial skill
  • Able to perform quality control
  • Graduated from related field will be preferable, or have a certification course and so forth
  • Fully understand of technical data and able to process it
  • Able to work remotely
  • To be specific one should understand also about circuit design or product design

Freelance electrical engineer jobs salary

The salary for freelance electrical engineering is vary, range from USD 100-500 fixed price or per budget (usually per project). But there are several potential project that offer you better check, with the budget price at USD 1,000-3,000 fixed price.

And that all the 20 most profitable freelance jobs that available right now. It is a nice opportunity for you who do not want to commited in one company and to be able on managing your own time, to move to freelancer. It will give you flexible times, and offer you multiple projects and interaction with different people each days. So why don’t you try one now! (yp)

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